Monday, June 13, 2011

Part 13 - From Perth, Western Australia

"Sorry Bro, but that's not going to happen," Brick blurted. "That little guy got me out of a pretty tight spot and he risked his family doing it. He and I have a contract and I'm not about to break it. If you're not happy with that, you and Harley can get on your bikes and go find some real terrorists to dispose of."

Brick was not about to be pushed around by his brother. For goodness sake, he disappears for years and then turns up out of the blue and starts throwing his weight around. Brick had had enough of others calling the shots. The Army, his wife, the lawyers and any other sod who thought they could get him to comply. This worm had definitely turned and it wasn't about to wriggle back into the cracks again.

"And as far as grabbing the chief while he's indisposed, I don't think it's such a clever plan. You remember Mum always used to say, 'You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.' I reckon we need to find something the chief wants bad enough that he will want to give up on some of that gold. When he goes to get it we will follow him. And as far as the Russians are concerned - Divide and Conquer."

Sylvio could tell by the look on Brick's face there was no point in pushing any further. Harley clinched his fists. Why bother with words when he had something more forceful up his sleeve? But Sylvio nudged him, indicating that wasn't going to happen either. Either way there was no point hanging about the chief's ablutions block any longer.

They went back into the woods and found a good place for a makeshift camp to enter into further discussions. As yet nothing had been agreed upon, but they all knew that unless there was an agreement of some kind no plan would work. Brick was glad he had finally found his brother, but it had been a long time and he wasn't sure if blood was still thicker than water. For the time being he wasn't going to trust any of his companions.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 12 - From A. Kim in San Diego, CA

Brick sat up quickly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He was expecting the chief and his mind was racing. The three of them hadn't talked about what they would do once the chief came to his dump site. He looked at Sylvio and Harley and they both looked back at him and each other knowing full well what the other was thinking. No one knew what to do once they had the chief in his spot.

Suddenly Brick heard a familiar voice from the bottom of the tree. "I thought I'd receive a warmer welcome.”

"Humphrey!" Brick smiled in relief, as the hunchback climbed into the tree with the three idiots.

"How did you find us?" asked Sylvio with fear in his voice.

Harley looked like he was ready to attack Humphrey. "We can't trust him!"

"Please don't hurt me. I have some information that may actually help you," replied Humphrey.

"When the Russians came for me, I thought they were finally coming to my rescue and taking me out of this jungle. I thought I could finally go back to England with my family and enjoy some tea and crumpets. But they told me that wasn't going to happen and that I would have to help them out or they'd kill me."

Brick was confused. "Why would the Russians, of all people, rescue you and take you home to England? That doesn't make sense. What's your connection to them?"

Humphrey ignored him. "It's a long story but the Russians are on the tribe's side and they'll do anything the chief asks them to." Then he looked Brick right in the eye and said quietly, "The chief knows you're after the gold so he's asked for reinforcements to protect it." All of a sudden Humphrey's mood lightened. "But get's an entire cave of gold!"

Sylvio and Harley started drooling almost immediately.

Humphrey continued, "I don't know exactly where the cave is located. Only the chief knows and he will take the army of protectors there as soon as they arrive. Oh, there is the minor detail I forgot to mention, Brick. Heh heh."

"What is it?" asked Brick.

"Well, the chief told the Russians you killed his wife so now there's a reward for your head."

Brick, frustrated at the direction this day was going in, remained silent. No one said a word for a few minutes.

Then Humphrey broke the silence. "Well, I best be on my way. I told the chief I was going out to take a dump. I don't want him to send the Russians out looking for me."

"WHAT? You're working for them now?!" yelled Brick.

"No, I'm not working for them. My loyalty is still with you. I just don't want them to kill me. They wanted me to give them some information about you but I said I didn't know much. Meet me at this spot same time tomorrow and I'll tell you what I find out, if anything." And with that, Humphrey jumped down from the tree and ran off.

"We must kill him." Sylvio said in a low, determined voice. "We can't trust him anymore."

Sunday, December 19, 2010


As Brick, Harley and Sylvio rode along, they discussed a plan about how to find the treasure. Brick was sure the village chief held the key to finding the site. They decided to snatch him and make him talk.

“I’m still not sure of the safest way to grab him without getting everyone after us,” Brick said. “He’s heavily guarded except when he takes a crap. Somehow he can’t go if people are nearby.”

“Oh great, we’re gonna tackle a half naked fat man in the middle of taking a dump,” Harley growled. Everyone paused while picturing this.

“Well, it bloody hell better be worth it!” Sylvio finally said, as they continued toward the village. They still had a while to go.

In the ensuing hours, Brick and Sylvio talked about what each had been doing for the last 20 years. By the time they arrived at the outskirts of the village, they were laughing so hard tears were flowing. They covered the truck with brush and decided to get a couple hours' rest. Brick sat up and watched them while they slept. He dozed off some as well.

Early the next morning, they slowly moved toward the village. “How will we know when the old bugger goes for a dump?” asked Harley.

“Good question. I guess we could sort of hang out in his favorite site to do his business. Down by the cattails downstream is the only place I’ve seen him go,” Brick stated.

Off to the stream they went, trying hard to keep quiet. When they arrived, a place had to be found for lying in wait. Three large men hiding in a Banyan tree was a recipe for disaster for sure. Many a “Be quiet!”, “Stop stepping on me!”, etc., was heard. Finally, they settled down and even snoozed a bit.

A sudden noise of approaching footsteps woke them with a start.

Part 10

Brick wasn't really sure yet, but he figured between the three of them, they could figure it out.

"Let's just keep driving for now."

Brick resituated himself so he was sitting in the middle and facing forward, but he kept his arms folded in his lap with the guns still pointing at their targets, just in case.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part 9

That was it.

Brick was cold, tired and hungry. His broken nose was throbbing with almost unbearable pain. And a man had just winked at him for the second time in one day. He had had enough.

Knowing that Sylvio and Harley would be more concerned with getting as far away from the Russian helicopter as possible, he didn’t bother to be subtle as he rolled onto his back. Never very flexible, he brought his knees up to his chest as far as he could and forced his zip-tied hands over his feet and to the front of his body, nearly dislocating his shoulder in the process. Then, with a determination that can only be accomplished through the power of spite, he chewed through the zip ties.

His hands finally free, Brick turned around on his knees and saw Sylvio and Harley arguing through the back window of the cab of the truck. He spit, cracked his knuckles, and then in one swift motion punched through the glass and pulled out the parking brake, bringing the big truck to a screeching halt and sending him flying into the cab.

Both Sylvio and Harley were thrown forward with the jolt and sat there, stunned. When they finally realized what had happened, Brick was facing them, covered in broken glass, his back against the radio, his legs sticking out of the gaping hole in the back window, and his nose dripping fresh blood. But he had a gun in each hand, one pointed at each of their faces. They both instinctively reached for their empty leg holsters at the same time.

“Now listen to me very carefully,” said Brick, his voice level and his hands perfectly steady. “First off, Happy Thanksgiving. Secondly, I want that gold. No more distractions. No more running around. I just want what I came here for. You can either help me, or I can kill you both right here.”

Sylvio grinned. “Just tell us what you want us to do.”